Device Protection Service:
Hassle-free Repair or Replacement of Your Wireless Product

Platinum Device Protection Service

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 wireless devices in America may be stolen or accidentally damaged this year?

At Wirefly, our wide selection of phones and tablets are on sale every day at great prices with a 2-year agreement. However, if your phone is damaged or stolen while still under contract, it will cost you hundreds of dollars more to replace your wireless product at the full retail price if you don’t have Device Protection Service.

Accidents happen and Device Protection Service from our partner the Mobile Device Protection Association (MDPA) will help you recover with a new or repaired phone as quickly as possible and with no deductible.

Sign-up for monthly or annual Device Protection Service at the time of check-out or within 30 days of purchase for peace of mind. Then, in the event of damage or theft, we’ve got you covered as our partner MDPA makes it easy to replace or repair your wireless product.

Because we know how stressful it can be when your phone is missing or broken, we encourage all Wirefly customers to sign-up for Device Protection Service when they buy a new phone.

Don’t wait to become a statistic; protect your new phone from day one.

Need more information? Check out our Device Protection Service Frequently Asked Questions:

What is covered by Device Protection Service?

The entire wireless product, including the original electronic accessories and batteries provided within the manufacturer's box, is covered for repair or replacement with no deductible. Each protected device is covered up to the replacement value (the limit of liability) for accidental damage, theft, or malfunction. If a covered item is not available for replacement, you will be offered a model of similar value. Some limitations apply; see What is not covered by Device Protection Services?below.

What is covered by Platinum Device Protection Service?

In addition to the same no-deductible, equipment coverage offered with Device Protection Service (see above), Platinum Device Protection Service includes a free Wirefly MobileBackup PRO account to protect the data saved on your smartphone. Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO includes unlimited, secure data storage for all your smartphone files, including your photos, videos and address book. Access, download and restore your files from any computer or compatible smartphone anytime. You’ll also have unlimited use of the five Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO features including the popular ‘last known location’ and ‘erase my phone’. Learn more about Wirefly MobileBackup PRO, which is included with Platinum Device Protection Service and also sold separately.

What is the replacement value of a device with Device Protection Service?

Your replacement wireless device will be based on the replacement ("retail") value of the covered device without a new line of service activation. If the protected wireless device that you originally purchased is not available, you will be offered a device of similar value. Eligible devices are covered up to the limit of liability (retail price of the device without a service activation).

Is Device Protection Service available in ALL states?

The Device Protection Service is provided by the Mobile Device Protection Association , LLC (MDPA), PO Box 880428, Boca Raton, FL 33488 (800-654-5590). The MDPA has more than 23 years’ experience as a leader of wireless device protection services. Your Device Protection Service will appear as CELL STORES on your credit card statement as a recurring charge (monthly plans) or one-time charge (annual plans).

Who is providing the Device Protection Service?

All RFS' are processed within 24 hours of receipt (during regular business hours). Replacements are usually completed within 2-3 business days with repairs slightly longer. No loaner or replacement equipment is provided during this period.

How long is my wireless product covered by Device Protection Service?

The length of your Device Protection Service coverage depends on the plan type you choose.

If you choose the annual billing option, Device Protection Service will cover the protected product from the date of activation to the end of the one year term. You may extend your membership at the end of your term each year. Failure to renew your protection before the term expires (one year) will terminate your annual membership.

If you choose to be billed monthly, your credit card will automatically be charged on a recurring basis until you cancel your membership.

What if the service carrier does not approve me for wireless service or I cancel my order before my device ships?

Your Device Protection Service starts when your wireless device is activated. Therefore, if your order is cancelled before your device is activated your membership will not begin and you will not be billed.

What if I change my device during my coverage period?

If you do change your covered device to a different device during the 12 month membership period, you must contact MDPA directly to update your records with your new device's IMEI or ESN (unique serial number of each device) in order to retain your Device Protection Service benefits.

What is not covered by Device Protection Service?

Broken Phone Image

The following incidents and/or product accessories are not covered by Device Protection Service:

Are there additional, exceptional cases for which devices and accessories are not covered?

Device Protection Service does not cover your wireless device when it is in transit either through postal or courier services. We suggest that you get insurance for your shipping package, in the instance you are transporting the device through mail or a courier service. Additionally, equipment is not covered for incidents occurring outside the United States and Canada. If you do not purchase Device Protection Service at the same time as you purchase your new wireless product, then there is a 30 day waiting period before coverage is activated.

Can I cancel my Wireless Device Protection Service membership, and can I get my money back?

Yes, you may cancel your Wireless Device Protection Service at any time as long as you have not placed a Request for Service (RFS).

No refunds will be issued for a cancelled membership which is billed monthly. To cancel a monthly subscription, contact us at 888-843-2485.

To cancel an annual subscription, you must request the cancellation in writing to Mobile Device Protection Association, LLC, PO Box 880428, Boca Raton, FL 33488, Attn: Membership Processing, or email the request to MDPA will refund a pro-rata amount of your unused coverage period (annual protection plans only).