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Wirefly, America’s #1 online seller and authorized retailer of cell phones and smartphones, is also your reliable online resource for great information, helpful and insightful commentary, and easy, convenient online tools to help you gain a greater understanding of the wireless world we all live in. Today’s savvy wireless consumer will likely have two questions as they begin the shopping process for a new smartphone: What is a data plan and how much data do I need? Armed with this new understanding of how data plans work, you’ll be able to make sound decisions about the most cost effective purchase of your new phone plan. This information is especially vital to smartphone shoppers as leading carrier Verizon Wireless has introduced its groundbreaking Share Everything Plan concept. With Share Everything you’ll pay a set of flat fees: The first fee covers unlimited talk and text while the second fee covers the specific data package you have selected. These data plans go up in size from one to ten GB. Combine the two fees and you have your monthly phone plan bill.

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As a typical smartphone user your use of a mobile phone can generally be separated into two categories: first, your use of the phone’s voice and text messaging features and – secondly - your use of the phone to access the Web and the various tasks associated with being online with your mobile phone. It is this second category we’ll discuss here and it’s where your savvy selection of the right data plan will save you time and money. Accessing the Web and the kind of online activities you participate in - think Web browsing, reading and sending emails, downloading phone apps – and the frequency of these actions will impact your data usage. It may seem like a difficult exercise to try and adequately define how you use your smartphone as it relates to these tasks and to match up that assessment with the right data plan, but here’s where Wirefly can help! This page features our free, easy-to-use, and ultra-convenient data widget and will help you assess how you use a smartphone and select the data plan that is uniquely right for you and your family. Shopping for a new phone and phone plan? Rely on Wirefly as your 24/7 online source for important information about phones and phone plans, helping you to make the right decisions along the way towards that next purchase.

Here’s an interesting ‘Did you know?' - mobile phone shoppers also have another choice: you can select a WiFi-capable, data-optional cell phone and - using WiFi – perform certain Web-centric activities such as browsing the Web and post social media updates. Thanks to Wirefly’s incredible selection, wireless shoppers just like you always have an amazing array of options to choose from!

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