Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO

Transfer Contacts

Transfer Contacts

Move your smartphone's contact list, photos and other files to a new phone wirelessly.

Phone Backup

Phone Backup

Protect the data on your phone by backing it all up to the cloud.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Safeguard your entire music catalog, videos, contacts and calendar. Wirefly Mobile BackupPRO offers unlimited storage for family accounts.


Last Known Location

View the approximate location of your registered phone(s) on an integrated map using the phone's built-in GPS.

Lock Phone

Lock/Unlock Phone

Remotely lock your phone to prevent unauthorized use and protect your personal information.

Display Message

Display Message

Send a message to your phone that locks and displays a message requesting that the good Samaritan holding your phone contact you to return it.

Phone Alert

Set Phone Alarm

Lock your phone and send a loud, audible alert directly to your phone to immediately pinpoint its location.


Erase Phone

Remotely erase your phone's content. Since Wirefly Mobile Backup already backs up your contacts, photos and more, you can easily transfer your stored data to your replacement device in minutes.

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Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO - Easy, Worry-free Protection For Your Smartphone!

Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO includes all the great features of Wirefly Mobile Backup, including Transfer Contacts and Phone Backup. By upgrading to Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO, you also get our premium features: Unlimited Cloud Storage for family accounts or 10GB Cloud Storage for individual accounts, Last Known Location, Lock/Unlock Phone, Display Message, Set Phone Alarm, and Erase Phone. With 2GB of free storage at the ready you can back up data stored on up to five devices – including one PC. There’s more: Wirefly Mobile Backup makes it possible to transfer data between devices without concern about that device’s carrier! Protect your self against data loss or theft with Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO, which makes it easy to remotely access a lost or stolen phone. You can lock your phone or even erase your missing phone’s content, as a preemptive measure against thieves in possession of data from your wireless world. Peace of mind has never been easier with Wirefly Mobile Backup PRO!