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General Terms and Conditions of Service


Basic Definitions
In this document: (1) we, us, our, and Boost mean Boost Mobile LLC; (2) you, your, customer, and user mean an account holder or user with us; (3) Device means any phone, device, accessory or other product we provide you, sell to you or that is active on your account with us; and (4) Service means our offers, rate or service plans, options, wireless services or Devices on your account with us.


Service Agreement
The Service Agreement (Agreement) is the contract under which we provide and you accept our Services. In addition to these Terms and Conditions of Service (Ts&Cs), there are several parts to the Agreement, including, but not limited to, the detailed plan or other information on Services we provide or refer you to during the sales transaction (also available at, and any confirmation materials we may provide you. It is important that you carefully read all of the terms of the Agreement.


Services Covered By These Ts&Cs & Additional Terms
Unless we provide otherwise, these Ts&Cs apply to any Service we provide you. Additional terms will apply when you use certain Services, typically those you can access online (for example, picture/video Services, online forums, etc.).


Our Policies
Services are subject to our business policies, practices and procedures (Policies), including, but not limited to, our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy and Visitor Agreement both available at our website. You agree to all of our Policies when you use our Services. Our Policies are subject to change at anytime with or without notice.


When You Accept The Agreement
You must have the legal capacity to accept the Agreement. You accept the Agreement when you do any of the following: (a) accept the Agreement through any printed, oral or electronic statement; (b) attempt to or in any way use the Services; (c) pay for the Services; or (d) open any package or start any program that says you are accepting the Agreement when doing so. If you dont want to accept the Agreement, dont do any of these things.


Service Activation
To activate the Service, you must both activate your account, and establish an appropriate account balance to pay for pay-per-use charges and applicable subscription charges (defined below) based on the service plan you select. To establish an account balance, pay a subscription charge, or make any other appropriate payments, follow the instructions provided with the Equipment, at, or provided through Boost Customer Care.


Our Right To Change The Agreement & Your Related Rights
We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates, charges, how we calculate charges, or your terms of Service. We will provide you notice of material changes, and may provide you notice of non-material changes, in a manner consistent with this Agreement (see Providing Notice To Each Other Under The Agreement section). If you continue to access or use our Services, or increase your account balance, on or after the effective date of a change, you accept the change. Do not access or use our Services after the effective date of a change if you decide to reject the change and terminate Service. You will not be entitled to any credit for the unused portion of your account balance if you decide to terminate Service in response to a change to the Agreement.


Our Right To Suspend Or Terminate Services
We can, without notice, suspend or terminate any Service at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to: (a) failure to have or maintain an appropriate account balance for applicable charges; (b) harassing/threatening our employees or agents; (c) providing false information; (d) interfering with our operations; (e) using/suspicion of using Services in any manner restricted by or inconsistent with the Agreement; (f) breaching the Agreement, including our Policies; (g) providing us false or inaccurate information; (h) modifying a Device from its manufacturer specifications; or (i) if we believe the action protects our interests, any customers interests or our network.


Your Ability To Change Services & When Changes Are Effective
typically can change Services upon request. In some instances, changes may be conditioned on payment of certain charges. The effective date of any changes will depend on our Policies, your old Services and the requested Services. We will not credit or refund any subscription or other charges as a result of a change in Services.


Restrictions On Using Services
You cant use our Services: (a) to transmit content/messages that are, or in any manner that is, illegal, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or obscene; (b) in a way that could cause damage or adversely affect our customers, reputation, network, property or Services; (c) to communicate any unsolicited commercial voice, text, SMS, or other message; (d) to infringe on the copyright of another, or upload or transmit any virus, worm, or malicious code; or (e) in any way prohibited by the terms of our Services, the Agreement or our Policies.


Your Device, Number & E-mail Address; Caller ID
We dont manufacture any Device we might sell to you or that is associated with our Services, and we arent responsible for any defects, acts or omissions of the manufacturer. The only warranties on your Device are the limited warranties given to you by the manufacturer directly or that we pass through. Your Device is designed exclusively for use on our network and in other coverage areas we make available to you. It will not accept wireless service from another carrier. Except for any legal right you may have to port/transfer your phone number to another carrier, you have no and cannot gain any (for example, through publication, use, etc.) proprietary, ownership or other rights to any phone number, identification number, e-mail address or other identifier we assign to you, your Device or your account. Well notify you if we decide to change or reassign them.


Porting/Transferring Phone Numbers
We dont guarantee that number transfers to or from us will be successful. If you authorize another carrier to transfer a number away from us, that is considered a request by you to us to terminate all of the Services associated with that number.

Coverage; Where Your Device Will Work
Our coverage maps are available at our authorized retail locations or The specific network coverage you get will depend on the radio transmissions your Device can pick up and Services youve chosen. Our coverage maps provide high level estimates of our coverage areas when using Services outdoors under optimal conditions. Coverage isnt available everywhere. Estimating wireless coverage and signal strength is not an exact science. There are gaps in coverage within our estimated coverage areas that, along with other factors both within and beyond our control (network problems, software, signal strength, your Device, structures, buildings, weather, geography, topography, etc.), may result in dropped and blocked connections, slower data speeds, or otherwise impact the quality of Service. Services that rely on location information, such as E911 and GPS navigation, depend on your Devices ability to acquire satellite signals (typically not available indoors) and network coverage.


Traveling typically refers to coverage on our network outside of your designated home local calling area. Depending on your Services, additional charges or limits on the amount of minutes used while traveling may apply.


Roaming typically refers to coverage on another carriers network that we make available to you based on our agreements with other carriers. These agreements may change from time to time and roaming coverage is subject to change. Your ability to receive roaming coverage depends on the radio transmissions your Device can pick up. You can pick up roaming coverage both within and outside our network coverage areas. Your Device will generally indicate when youre roaming. Depending on your Services, separate charges or limits on the amount of minutes used while roaming may apply. Certain Services may not be available or work the same when roaming (including data Services, voicemail, call waiting, etc.).


About Data Services & Content
Our data Services and your Device may allow you to access the internet, text, pictures, video, games, graphics, music, email, sound and other materials (Data Content) or send Data Content elsewhere. Some Data Content is available from us or our vendors, while other Data Content can be accessed from others (third party websites, games, ringers, etc.). We make absolutely no guarantees about the Data Content you access on your Device. Data Content may be: (1) unsuitable for children/minors; (2) unreliable or inaccurate; or (3) offensive, indecent or objectionable. Youre solely responsible for evaluating the Data Content accessed by you or anyone on your account. We strongly recommend you monitor data usage by children/minors. Data Content from third parties may also harm your Device or its software. To protect our network, Services, or for other reasons, we may place restrictions on accessing certain Data Content (such as certain websites, applications, etc.), impose separate charges, limit throughput or the amount of data you can transfer, or otherwise limit or terminate Services. If we provide you storage for Data Content you have purchased, we may delete the Data Content with notice or place restrictions/limits on the use of storage areas. You may not be able to make or receive voice calls while using data Services.


Specific Terms & Restrictions On Using Data Services
In addition to the rules for using all of our other Services, unless authorized by us, you cant use our data Services: (1) with server devices or host computer applications, or other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions; and (2) as a substitute or backup for private lines or frame relay connections. We reserve the right to limit, suspend or constrain any heavy, continuous data usage that adversely impacts our network performance or hinders access to our network.


Activation & Miscellaneous Charges
Based on our Policies, we may charge activation, prepayment, reactivation, program or other fees to establish or maintain Services. Certain transactions may also be subject to a charge (for example, convenience payment, changing phone numbers, handset upgrades, etc.). You will be provided notice of these types of fees before we complete the requested transaction. We may charge an additional fee for calls to customer service regarding questions that can be answered by you using self help features on your handset or our website.


Usage Charges
The types of charges you incur will vary depending on the Service used and your service plan. See the detailed plan or other information we provide or refer you to during the sales transaction for the actual usage charges applicable to your Service. You will generally be charged for use of Services before or at the time of use in accordance with your service plan. In certain instances, we may charge at some point after you use the Service. Charges are generally deducted from your account balance (for example, pay-per-use charges, subscription charges, etc.), though in some instances you may be able to pay for certain Services through a credit card, debit card or other payment method. If you have incurred charges or fees that were not charged prior to your account balance reaching a zero balance, we may deduct these outstanding unpaid charges and fees from any subsequent amounts you add to your account balance.


Types of Charges
We typically assess the following types of charges: (1) Pay-per-use charges charges assessed each time a Service is used; (2) Subscription charges charges that allow you access to a Service or provide you a certain amount of use of a Service for a defined period of time. Subscription charges for Services offered on a per-day basis end at 11:59 pm (in the time zone in which your phone number is based) on the day the feature is initiated. Also, depending on your Service, certain types of subscription charges may be assessed automatically upon activation and automatically assessed for subsequent subscription periods; and (3) Download charges charges assessed when you download or access content, which we collect on behalf of third-party content providers.


How We Calculate Your Charges
Regular Voice Calls: We round up partial minutes of use to the next full minute. Time starts when you press Talk or your Device connects to the network and stops when you press End or the network connection otherwise breaks. Youre charged for all calls that connect, even to answering machines. You wont be charged for unanswered calls or if you get a busy signal. For incoming calls answered, youre charged from the time shortly before the Device starts ringing until you press END or the network connection otherwise breaks. Youre charged for the entire call based on the rate that applies to the time period in which the call starts. However, the types of charges actually deducted from your account balance will vary depending on your Service.


Walkie-Talkie Charges: Charges for walkie-talkie calls apply to the person who starts the call and the person who receives the call. Depending on your Services, you may incur a charge for use of walkie-talkie Services for a designated period (for example, daily or monthly), or walkie-talkie usage may be charged on a pay-per-use basis. Pay-per-use charges work as follows: (1) Usage is calculated by multiplying the duration of the call by the applicable rate; (2) Youre charged at least 6 seconds of airtime for each call you start; subsequent communications in the same call are rounded up to and charged to the next second; (3) Time begins when you press any button to start a walkie-talkie call and ends approximately 6 seconds after completion of a communication to which no participant responds subsequent walkie-talkie communications are considered new calls; and (4) Responses to call alert transmissions are treated as new walkie-talkie transmissions even when responding within 6 seconds of receiving the alert. See the detailed plan or other information we provide or refer you to during the sales transaction (also available at for the actual usage charges applicable to your Service.


Data Usage: Depending on your Service, you may be charged for data usage. Unless we specifically tell you otherwise, data usage is measured in bytes, kilobytes and megabytes not in minutes/time. 1024 bytes equals 1 kilobyte (KB), and 1024 KB equals 1 megabyte. Bytes are rounded up to kilobytes, so you will be charged at least 1 KB for each data usage session (data session). Rounding occurs at the end of each data session, and sometimes during a data session. Depending on your data Services, usage may be charged against an allowance or on a fixed price per KB. If you are charged on a fixed price per KB, any fractional cents will be rounded up to the next cent. You are charged for all data directed to your Devices internet address, including data sessions you did not initiate and for incomplete transfers. As long as your Device is connected to our data network, you may incur data charges. Examples of data you will be charged for includes the size of a requested file or Data Content (game, ringer, etc.), web page graphics (logos, pictures, banners, advertisement, etc.), additional data used in accessing, transporting and routing the file on our network, data from partial or interrupted downloads, re-sent data, and data associated with unsuccessful attempts to reach websites or use applications. These data charges are in addition to any charges for the Data Content itself (game, ringer, etc.). Data used and charged to you will vary widely, even between identical actions or data sessions. Estimates of data usage for example, the size of downloadable files are not reliable predictors of actual usage.


Taxes & Government Fees
Depending on your Services, we may deduct from your account balance all federal, state and local taxes, fees and other assessments that were required by law to collect and remit to the government on the Services we provide you. These charges may change from time to time without advance notice. If youre claiming any tax exemption, you must provide us with a valid exemption certificate. Tax exemptions generally wont be applied retroactively.


Depending on your Services, we may deduct from your account balance surcharges (Surcharges), which include, but are not limited to: Federal Universal Service, various regulatory fees, Boost administrative charges, gross receipts charges, and charges for the costs we incur in complying with governmental programs. Surcharges are not taxes and are not required by law. They are rates we choose to collect from you and are kept by us in whole or in part. The number and type of Surcharges may vary depending upon the location of your primary account address and can change over time. We determine the rate for these charges and these amounts are subject to change as are the components used to calculate these amounts. We will provide you notice of any changes to Surcharges in a manner consistent with this Agreement (see Providing Notice To Each Other Under The Agreement section). However, since some Surcharges are based on amounts set by the government or based on government formulas, it will not always be possible to provide advance notice of new Surcharges or changes in the amount of existing Surcharges. Information on Surcharges is provided during the sales transaction and is available on our website.


Disputing Charges
Any dispute to a charge we assess you must be made in writing within 60 days of the date we deduct the charge from your account balance. You accept all charges not properly disputed within the above time period.


About Account Balances
To ensure continued access to the Service, you must maintain a positive account balance at all times or pay any applicable subscription charges (depending on your service plan). Account balances are not transferable, redeemable for cash, or refundable; that is, once you make payment on your account, you are provided a credit on your account that can only be used to pay for our Service during the validity period (discussed below). Your Service will be interrupted if you fail to maintain a positive account balance or timely pay applicable subscription charges. In these instances, you will be given a grace period to make any appropriate payments on your account. If you do not make payment within this grace period, your account will be terminated. In addition, positive account balances are forfeited if not used within the validity period specified in your service plan (if you replenish your account balance during the validity period, the validity period restarts). If you do not use your account balance during the validity period, your account balance will expire and you will not be entitled to a refund or service credit. See the detailed plan or other information we provide or refer you to during the sales transaction (also available at for the grace period and validity period that applies to your Service. If your account is terminated, you will lose any phone number, identification number or email address associated with your account. Reactivation fees will apply if you choose to later restart Service. Your account balance generally may not exceed the equivalent of $300.


Establishing or Replenishing Account Balances
Information on how you can establish and maintain an account balance will be provided at activation, and is available at or through Boost Customer Care. The replenishment methods available to you will depend on the terms of your Services. A fee may apply to certain replenishment methods. Some service plans may provide for automatic account balance replenishment through, for example, automatic billing to a credit card or debit card, or automatic debit from an eligible account with a financial institution. Payment through these methods may be subject to limitations, including, but not limited to, the number of times an account may be debited or charged in a particular time period, the amount that may be debited or charged from an account or other limitations imposed by us or the financial institution that holds the account.


Protecting Our Network & Services
We can take any action to: (1) protect our network, our rights and interests, or the rights of others; or (2) optimize or improve the overall use of our network and Services. Some of these actions may interrupt or prevent legitimate communications and usage for example, message filtering/blocking software to prevent SPAM or viruses, limiting throughput, limiting access to certain websites, applications or other Data Content, etc. For additional information on what we do to protect our customers, network, Services and equipment, see our Acceptable Use Policy and Visitor Agreement at our website.


Your Privacy
You agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy, available at our website, when you use our Services. This policy may change from time to time, so review this policy with regularity and care. Among other things, the policy includes important information on what information we collect about you, how we use that information, and with whom we share that information (for example, to provide you certain Services, to protect our rights and interests, to respond to legal process, to facilitate a merger, etc.). Also, to ensure the quality of our Services and for other lawful purposes, we may also monitor or record calls between us (for example, your conversations with our customer service or sales departments). If you do not agree with the terms of our Privacy Policy, do not purchase or use our Services.


We encourage you (the account holder) to protect the privacy of your account information by establishing passwords (including for your online accounts), which may include an answer to a backup shared secret question. These authenticators will be used when you access your account. This is the most effective way for you to protect your account. We treat the holder of your password(s) and/or your answer to a backup shared secret question as an authorized person on your account. Please do not share your authentication information with anyone that you do not wish to have access to your account. You agree that we may contact you in our discretion about important account related matters through the contact information you provide, through the Services or Devices to which you subscribe or through other available means. We also may allow you to set preferences for your preferred means of contact.


As we provide telecommunications Products and Services to you (the account holder), we develop information about the quantity, technical configuration, type and destination of telecommunications Products and Services you use, as well as some other information found on your bill (CPNI). Under federal law, you have the right, and we have a duty, to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI. For example, we implement safeguards that are designed to protect your CPNI, including authentication procedures when you contact us. For some accounts with a dedicated Sprint representative, we may rely on contacting your pre-established point of contact as the standard authentication measure.


Location Based Services
Our network generally knows the location of your Device when it is outdoors and turned on. By using various technologies to locate your Device, we can provide enhanced emergency 911 services, and optional location-sensitive services provided by us or a third party. Environmental factors (such as structures, buildings, weather, geography, landscape, and topography) can significantly impact the ability to access your Devices location information and use of location-sensitive services. The terms and conditions of any location-sensitive service that you purchase from us may provide more information about how location information is used and disclosed. Use of some of location-sensitive services may require network coverage. If any Device on your account uses a location-sensitive service, you (the account holder) authorize the end user to download, access and use location sensitive services and agree to clearly and regularly notify the end user of your Device that their location may be tracked or discovered. For additional information on location-sensitive services, see our Privacy Policy at our website.


911 Or Other Emergency Calls
Public Safety Officials advise that when making 911 or other emergency calls, you should always be prepared to provide your location information. Unlike traditional wireline phones, depending on a number of factors (e.g., whether your Device is GPS enabled, where you are, whether local emergency service providers have upgraded their equipment, etc.), 911 operators may not know your phone number, your location or the location of your Device. In certain circumstances, an emergency call may be routed to a state patrol dispatcher or alternative location set by local emergency service providers. Enhanced 911 service (E911), where enabled by local emergency authorities, uses GPS technology to provide location information. Even when available, however, E911 does not always provide accurate location information. If your Device is indoors or for some other reason cannot acquire a satellite signal, you may not be located. Some Devices have a safety feature that prevents use of the keypad after dialing 911 you should follow voice prompts when interacting with emergency service providers employing IVR systems to screen calls.


If Your Device Is Lost or Stolen
Call us immediately if your Device is lost or stolen because you may be responsible for usage charges before you notify us of the alleged loss or theft. You agree to cooperate if we choose to investigate the matter (provide facts, sworn statements, etc.). We may not credit or refund any account balance if you choose to terminate Services as a result of loss or theft of your Device.


Disclaimer of Warranties


You Agree We Are Not Responsible For Certain Problems
You agree that neither we nor our vendors, suppliers or licensors are responsible for any damages resulting from: (a) anything done or not done by someone else; (b) providing or failing to provide Services, including, but not limited to, deficiencies or problems with a Device or network coverage (for example, dropped, blocked, interrupted calls/messages, etc.); (c) traffic or other accidents, or any health-related claims relating to our Services; (d) Data Content or information accessed while using our Services; (e) an interruption or failure in accessing or attempting to access emergency services from a Device, including through 911, Enhanced 911 or otherwise; (f) interrupted, failed, or inaccurate location information services, (g) information or communication that is blocked by a spam filter, or (h) things beyond our control, including acts of God (for example, weather-related phenomena, fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc.), riot, strike, war, terrorism or government orders or acts.


You Agree Our Liability Is Limited - No Consequential Damages.




We Agree To First Contact Each Other With Any Disputes
We each agree to first contact each other with any disputes and provide a written description of the problem, all relevant documents/information and the proposed resolution. You agree to contact us with disputes by calling or writing us as instructed on your invoice. We will contact you by letter to your billing address or on your Device.


Instead Of Suing In Court, We Each Agree To Arbitrate Disputes
We each agree to finally settle all disputes (as defined and subject to any specific exceptions below) only by arbitration. In arbitration, theres no judge or jury and review is limited. However, just as a court would, the arbitrator must honor the terms and limitations in the Agreement and can award the same damages and relief, including any attorneys fees authorized by law. The arbitrators decision and award is final and binding, with some exceptions under the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), and judgment on the award may be entered in any court with jurisdiction. We each also agree as follows:


(1) Disputes are any claims or controversies against each other related in any way to our Services or the Agreement, including, but not limited to, coverage, Devices, privacy, or advertising, even if it arises after Services have terminated this includes claims you bring against our employees, agents, affiliates or other representatives, or that we bring against you.


(2) If either of us wants to arbitrate a dispute, we agree to send written notice to the other providing a description of the dispute, previous efforts to resolve the dispute, all supporting documents/information, and the proposed resolution. Notice to you will be sent to your billing address and notice to us will be sent to: General Counsel; Arbitration Office; 2001 Edmund Halley Drive VARESP0513-502; Reston, Virginia 20191. We agree to make attempts to resolve the dispute. If we cannot resolve the dispute within forty-five (45) days of receipt of the notice to arbitrate, then we may submit the dispute to formal arbitration.


(3) The FAA applies to this Agreement and arbitration provision. We each agree the FAAs provisions, not state law, govern all questions of whether a dispute is subject to arbitration.


(4) The arbitration will be administered by the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) under its arbitration rules. If any NAF rule conflicts with the terms of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement apply. You can obtain procedures, rules, and fee information from the NAF at 1-800-474-2371 or


(5) Unless we each agree otherwise, the Arbitration will be conducted by a single neutral arbitrator and will take place in the county of your last billing address. The federal or state law that applies to the Agreement will also apply during the arbitration.


(6) We each agree not to pursue arbitration on a classwide basis. We each agree that any arbitration will be solely between you and us (not brought on behalf of or together with another individuals claim). If for any reason any court or arbitrator holds that this restriction is unconscionable or unenforceable, then our agreement to arbitrate doesnt apply and the dispute must be brought in court.


(7) We each are responsible for our respective costs relating to counsel, experts, and witnesses, as well as any other costs relating to the arbitration. However, we will cover any arbitration administrative or filing fees above: (a) $25 if you are seeking less than $1,000 from us; or (b) the equivalent court filing fees for a court action in the appropriate jurisdiction if you are seeking $1,000 or more from us.


Exceptions To Our Agreement To Arbitrate Disputes
Either of us may bring qualifying claims in small claims court. In addition, this arbitration provision does not prevent you from filing your dispute with any federal, state or local government agency that can, if the law allows, seek relief against us on your behalf.


No Class Actions


No Trial By Jury


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from any claims arising out of your actions, including, but not limited to, failing to provide appropriate notices regarding location-sensitive services (see Location Based Services section), failure to safeguard your passwords, backup question to your shared secret question or other account information, or violating this Agreement, any applicable law or regulation or the rights of any third party.


Providing Notice To Each Other Under The Agreement
as the Agreement specifically provides otherwise, you must deliver written notice to us by mail to P.O. Box 54988, Irvine, CA 92619 or email to We will provide you notice by correspondence to your last known address in our records, to any fax number or e-mail address youve provided us, by calling you on your Device or another number you have provided us, by voice message on your Device or other number you have provided us, or by text message on your Device.


Other Important Terms
Subject to federal law or unless the Agreement specifically provides otherwise, this Agreement is governed solely by the laws of the state encompassing the area code assigned to your Device, without regard to the conflicts of law rules of that state. If either of us waives or doesnt enforce a requirement under this Agreement in an instance, we dont waive our right to later enforce that requirement. Except as the Agreement specifically provides otherwise, if any part of the Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, the rest of this Agreement remains in full force and effect. This Agreement isnt for the benefit of any 3rd party except our corporate parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, and predecessors and successors in interest. You cant assign the Agreement or any of your rights or duties under it. We can assign the Agreement. The Agreement and the documents it incorporates make up the entire agreement between us and replaces all prior written or spoken agreements you cant rely on any contradictory documents or statements by sales or service representatives. The rights, obligations and commitments in the Agreement that, by their nature, would logically continue beyond the termination of Services (including, but not limited to, those relating to billing, payment, 911, dispute resolution, no class action, no jury trial), survive termination of Services.



Samsung Galaxy S III - White

Samsung Galaxy S III - White

  • Huge Touchscreen
  • Android Apps
  • Dual Cameras
Kyocera Hydro

Kyocera Hydro

  • 3.5" Touch Screen
  • Android 4.0
  • Waterproof
ZTE Warp Sequent

ZTE Warp Sequent

  • Google Play Store Apps
  • Corning Gorilla Glass Display
  • Mobile Web and IM
Samsung Galaxy Rush

Samsung Galaxy Rush

  • No Contract
  • Touch Screen
  • Android Smartphone
Samsung Array

Samsung Array

  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • 2MP Camera
  • Facebook
ZTE Warp 4G

ZTE Warp 4G

  • Google Play Store Apps
  • 4.5" Touch Screen
  • Mobile Web and IM
LG Optimus F7

LG Optimus F7

  • 4.7" HD Touchscreen
  • Android Smartphone
  • Dual Cameras


  • 4G Speed
  • Google Apps
  • 5 MP Camera
LG Marquee

LG Marquee

  • 4" NOVA Display
  • Android OS
  • 1GHz Processor
LG Rumor Reflex Titanium

LG Rumor Reflex Titanium

  • Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • Data Optional
  • Eco-friendly

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