Devices Monthly
Line Access
(per device)
Smartphone 40
Basic Phone 30

Jetpacks &
USB Modems

Tablet 10
Account Access
(share up to 10 devices)
Unlimited Unlimited 250 MB 20
Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB 35
Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB 50
Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB 60
Unlimited Unlimited 4 GB 70
Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB 80
Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB 90
Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB 100
Unlimited Unlimited 12 GB 110
Unlimited Unlimited 14 GB 120
2 smartphones
$80 line access
1 basic phone
$30 line access
4 GB of shared data (plus Unlimited Talk and Text)
$70 account access
$180 monthly access
Devices Monthly
Line Access
(per device)
Jetpack 20
USB Modem 20
Tablet 10
Shared Data Monthly Account Access
(share up to 10 devices)
4 GB 30
6 GB 40
8 GB 50
10 GB 60
12 GB 70
14 GB 80
1 Jetpack
$20 line access
1 Tablet
$10 line access
4 GB of shared data
$30 account access
$60 total monthly access

The MORE Everything℠ Plan Advantage

  • Unlimited Talk for all devices on a MORE Everything℠ account.
    No more worries about overage charges.
  • Unlimited Text for all devices on a MORE Everything℠ account.
    Send as many text, picture and video messages as you want!
  • Shareable Data for all the devices on your account.
    Select how much you'll need, and then share it with up to 10 devices.
  • Mobile Hotspot is included on all capable devices.
    Connect your device and share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • Connect up to 10 devices.
    Choose which devices you'd like to connect, and then share your minutes, message and data.

Unlimited calling for directly dialed, live calls between individuals.

Select a Carrier:

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